D2.1  Report on Blue BioEconomy Value Chains
D2.2  Inter-active visual value chain facilitation tool
D2.3  Blue Bio Value Chain & Social Enterprises Cases
D2.4  Final report on BlueBioClusters Value Chains


D3.1 Data collection & monitoring for Ecosystem Services
D3.2 Best Practices on Regional strategies to valuate Ecosystem Services
D3.3 User-manual for Ecosystem Approach Wheel as decision-support tool
D3.4 Infographs showing results of Ecosystem Approach Wheel Tool

D4.2 Searchable interactive open-source portal – BlueBioMatch
D4.3 Mapping of technologies
D4.4 Webinars / match-making event series
D4.5 Report on Technology Needs in Regions

D5.1 Database of Start-ups/SMEs in BlueBioCluster region
D5.2 Summary of main challenges by sub-sector
D5.3 Results from Regional Co-Creation Workshops/ Transnational Bootcamps
D5.4 BlueBioCluster Start-Up/SME support package

Regional Blue Bio Development Plans

D6.1 Lessons learnt from Blue Bio Communities of Practices
D6.2 Blue BioEconomy Regional Visions
D6.3 Inventory of barriers/solutions for regions
D6.4 Blue BioEconomy Actions Plans with Monitoring & Evaluation
D6.5 Guide for Use of Ecosystem Approach Wheel at Regional Policy Level
D6.6 Visual Identity Pack