Blue Bio Bootcamps 2024

Dive into the Future: Unlock the Potential of the Blue Bioeconomy with Us!

Join the Blue Bio Bootcamps 2024: expand your network, gain expert mentorship, and spotlight your innovations in the blue bioeconomy. Apply now to make it happen!

Unlock the Potential of the Blue Bioeconomy

As part of BlueBioClusters, we’re catalysing the growth of the blue bioeconomy across EU coastal regions. This year, we introduce the Blue Bio Bootcamps – a series of one-day dynamic events designed specifically for innovators like you, who are ready to tackle the unique challenges of our industry and propel us into a sustainable future!

Why You Can't Miss This

Drawing on insights from a comprehensive study conducted by our partners across the Baltic, Nordic, and Atlantic basins, we have pinpointed a range of challenges that startups and SMEs like you face. From navigating market access complexities for your innovative food products to pioneering new technologies for marine biomass, these challenges are a call to action.

Are You a Startup or SME with a Blue Solution?

The Bootcamps are specifically designed for you who have a business idea that can help solve a regional blue challenge – and need support to grow your business! The Bootcamps are open to entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs with verified and scalable business ideas and with growth potential. Coastal communities need solutions like yours to achieve a sustainable blue bioeconomy.
  • Legal & Regulatory
  • Science
  • Technological Needs
  • Cooperation & Partnership
  • Communication & Marketing
  • Market & Consumer Demand
  • Funding & Investment
  • Cost of Operations & Infrastructures
  • Skills & Labour
  • Environmental

“The main obstacles in Estonia’s blue bioeconomy sector include finding the right partners for collaboration in marketing, technology and science. In addition, startups and SMEs often struggle to secure sufficient funding.”

Tartu Biotechnology Park

“In Lithuania, the blue bioeconomy sector remains underdeveloped, largely perceived through the lens of traditional fisheries and aquaculture contributing minimally to GDP. The key to revitalising this sector lies in two main solutions, namely educating consumers about diverse seafood, and urging startups to innovate with new biotechnologies and blue bio-resources.”

Klaipeda University

Dive into the Blue Bioeconomy Community

The Blue Bio Bootcamps aren’t just events; they’re catalysts for change.

Whether it’s breaking into new markets with your sustainable seafood innovations, finding novel uses for marine by-products, or leading the charge in technological advancements for the blue bioeconomy, these bootcamps are your arena, and your chance to rub shoulders with other startups and SMEs that are working to develop this sector.

What to Expect from a Blue Bio Bootcamp

During these one-day events you will get the opportunity to meet experts in business, finance, marketing and research from the BlueBioClusters project, along with coaches and mentors that understand the regional challenges and can offer you support in developing your business idea further.

What’s In It For You?

Expand Your Network

Rub shoulders with other startups and SMEs that are working to develop this sector. Gain unparalleled access to a network of Europe’s blue clusters, potential investors, and media exposure to spotlight your innovations.

Expert Mentorship

You will have the chance of winning a paid mentorship that can help your company take the next step forward, thanks to expert guidance and support.

Visiblity & Feedback

Enjoy a platform where your ideas are not only heard but celebrated. Receive invaluable feedback, attract investor interest, and make headlines in the blue bioeconomy space.

The application process:

Discover our Regional Bootcamps

Bootcamp #1 – April 24, Riga

Our first Bootcamp will be hosted by the project partners from the Baltic regions of Estonia and Lithuania and will take place in Riga – the day before the 2nd Mission Arena! The Event will be hybrid. Join our vibrant conversations online, or join us in Riga for an immersive and in-person experience.

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Bootcamp #2 – May 29, 2024

Stay tuned for more opportunities to showcase your solutions and connect with the blue bioeconomy community across Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Scotland.
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Bootcamp #3 – June, Atlantic

Stay tuned for more opportunities to showcase your solutions and connect with the blue bioeconomy community across Portugal, France, and Belgium.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the Bootcamp, your business must be a Startup or an SME, and have a verified idea for a solution that addresses one of the challenges identified within our BlueBioClusters partner regions.

While startups and SMEs from any location can participate in the bootcamps, it’s important to note that paid mentorship is exclusively available for companies situated within the project partner regions. However, we can still extend our support to those located outside the region by facilitating matchmaking with mentors through the BlueBioMatch platform.

Ready to join us?

The Blue Bio Bootcamps are your launchpad to visibility, feedback, and a professional network. Participation is free, with flexible privacy options for your business ideas.