Coastal Regions in Transition to
the Blue Bioeconomy

BlueBioMatch, the Blue Bioeconomy Hub, was launched on 18 September 23!

BlueBioMatch is a novel platform designed to function as a convergence point for a diverse spectrum of stakeholders, ranging from startups and SMEs to researchers, policymakers, and funders. Its purpose is to facilitate the exchange of vital information, products, and opportunities within the blue bioeconomy domain.

The effects of climate change and environmental pollution are particularly felt by people living on the coast. Traditional economic activities are at risk, due to the loss of natural habitats and biodiversity, more frequent flooding and erosion. The blue bioeconomy can unlock numerous opportunities for European coastal communities.

Innovative business models based on circular, local value-chains, digitalisation and ecosystem services can boost the creation of new jobs and livelihoods, while transforming remote, rural areas into vital and sustainable places to live.

BlueBioClusters project

brings together 12 organisations from 10 European countries, which are highly skilled in assisting start-ups, companies and policymakers to advance blue innovations.

They will join forces to offer blue bioeconomy players innovative business development tools and methods, and will create a long-lasting impact by engaging directly with hundreds of regional actors to stimulate collaboration and positive change.

Project Duration
3 years | August 2022 – August 2025

Horizon Europe, H-CL6-2021-GOV-01-09
Revitalization of European local communities with innovative bio-based business models and social innovation

2.3 million €



Showcase integrated and circular value chains within the blue bioeconomy, which can serve as role models and inspiration to European coastal communities
Develop tools for supporting businesses in integrating ecosystem services into novel ecology-driven business models and induce cross-sector collaborations along the value chain

Foster effective stakeholder engagement through dedicated BlueBioClusters activities, and exploitation of synergies and results beyond the project lifetime within and by other blue bioeconomy regions and actors

Stimulate and accelerate the development of a sustainable blue bioeconomy by enabling start-ups and SMEs in the participating regions to realise their circular, eco-friendly business ideas

Provide regional actors access to the technologies they require to realise their transition to blue bio-based solutions across the entire value chain