Regions Map

These are the blue bioeconomy within the 9 regions of Blue BioClusters Project

Regions Map
Belgium France Portugal Scotland Lithuania Estonia Sweden Norway Iceland


Macroalgae: Seaweed seeding lines facilities.

Macroalgae and bivalve: Present technology development for harvesting.

Mussel beds for ecosystem services: For coastal protection, ecosystem reinforcing.

Seaweed cultivation for food industry semi-preps: Food processing on-land tank systems. Recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) mainly red and greens. Net harvested small quantities. Washed and sold fresh. Food whole seaweed.

Marine compounds-bioprospecting: Bio-coating with enzymes, chitin, etc.






  1. Wild harvested – coastal and inland fishery. Sold to Latvia for further processing. Food à Fish meal.

  1. Wild harvested open sea fishery. Freezing, landed in Latvia and Denmark for further processing. Food salted, dried, smoked, canned à Fish meal and oil.

  1. Aquaculture (carp, arctic char, African catfish, rainbow trout, grass carp, pike, sturgeon). Cleaned. Food – sold fresh or chilled.

  1. Aquaculture (African catfish, sturgeon, carp, rainbow trout). Cleaned, filleted. Food à fillets, smoked, canned.


Mussels: Cultivated on rope. Suitable harvester is under development. Washed in fresh water and cleaned. Ground to form a powder and the meat is removed from the shells. Technology varies in terms of the machinery employed. Potential for the use of meat mass (protein powder). Protein bars/powder/supplements and poultry and/or animal feed. Estonian Maritime Academy of Tallinn University of Technology.

Macroalgae/Seaweed: Wild harvest. Extraction of different compounds from macroalgae. Red colorant (Phycoerythrin), producing different seaweed extracts, compounds for cosmetics producers. Compounds to cosmetics producers.

Seaweed: Wild harvest. Dried and washed. Hot extraction of furcellaran from seaweed, filtering the extract via roller-drying or gel precipitation. Furcellaran can be used as stabilizing, thickening and gelling agent in the food, agricultural, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Biomass from which furcellaran has been extracted- is used as a fertilizer.

Microalgae: Cultivated. Developing the valorisation of the whole biomass of the seaweed for cosmetics and other industries (e.g., producing different seaweed extracts). Microalgae photobioreactor system, feed/food compounds from microalgae. Cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food/feed producers.

Fish: Aquaculture (rainbow trout ~85%, the European crayfish, tench, eel, African sharp tooth catfish, carp, catfish, sturgeon, grass carp, etc.). Fresh/ cleaned/ filleted. Food à fillets, smoked, canned, fresh.